Kindred is a multi-disciplinary project, supported and funded by Arts Council England, run by talented dancer and choreographer Fleur Hall in collaboration with artists in the Midlands, Bristol and Wales.  


It explores our individual and collective relationship with nature through dance, film, music, photography and the written word. The individual creations interact,  weaving a narrative that explores who we are when we immerse ourselves in the world around us and how Nature can change us as much as we change it.

Photography Series

Over the course of a 24 hour period, I captured dancer and choreographer Fleur dancing to the tune of nature. This experiment tested not only our creative integrity but also our endurance. To view the series, as well as tilsl from each dance sequence, click the gallery button below. 


Film Bio


In the last twenty years, scientific research by Dr. Simard and others has proven what aboriginal peoples have known for millennia. Beneath the forest floor, a complex web of fungal connections brings trees together in a community that depends upon the Mother Tree. By communicating with the Mother Tree, groups of trees thrive. When trees are allowed to form these connections, the forest becomes a diverse habitat.


Kindred featured as part of a two week exhibition at The Hub at St maries, Lichfield, sharing the diverse range of works that this project has created; the film premiered on Thursday 31 March 2022, and will hopefully see a succesful festival run. 

To view the teaser trailer, click here.


Performance and Choreography

Fleur Hall

Photography and Cinematography

Alexandra Jayne Hackett


Leon Bailey

Written Prose & Spoken Word

Katharine Baxter


"...the high quality cinematography of Alexandra Hackett..."

Click here to read the full review from Lichfield Live 


Coming soon

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'Mother Tree'